Because WE ARE ONE

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I remember my little campaign at the Google office back in 2014 as part of the Black Googler Network. I was blessed to be surrounded with black colleagues who understood the importance of #alllivesmatter . They had launched a contest asking everyone in our network to come up with the best reason why #alllivesmatter and I am proud to have come up with this beautifully designed placard.

WE ARE ONE. A motto which should be taught in every school, college and university, which should be reinforced at home and remembered in offices.

If only everyone understood that we are all part of the same whole, that I am in you and you are in me, that what you experience I can also experience, and that what I experience you can also experience, cos ultimately we are all made of the same stuff, like the different fingers of the hand are all made of the same stuff, and work together and support each other to carry out whatever the hand wants to carry out. Have you ever seen the thumb pick a fight with the little finger? It sounds silly, right? Well, there you have it. That’s how silly racial conflicts are, or any other form of conflict for that matter. If you only take a little perspective, you cannot but realise how dumb they are, and how easy it should be to defuse them.

#blacklivesmatter because #alllivesmatter because #weareone.

#blacklivesmatter equals #alllivesmatter
equals #weareone

To all the racists and xenophobic out there, you can’t escape that very basic truth. It’s with you every day, and you’ll have to face it every day. It will torment you until you finally realise that it is in fact the most beautiful truth there can ever be about humanity.

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